Almost done!

I'm almost done with everything that I have to do, although this weekend is going to be crazy busy.
I got my shots today and had to do some stuff at the school and fill out some paper work to hopeful get some money for going to school! So we'll see how that goes.
So tomorrow I have a physical and ppd test at 10:00. Then off to Wal-mart to find some white undershirts for the scrubs and socks. I also have to get snacks for "girls night" that's going to be at my house at 7:00. I had totally forgot about it! Then I have to go by a watch somewhere. Then swing my and pick up my scrubs that came in and pick up dhs b-day cake and gift. His birthday was this Wed. He turned 28!!! Oh and I have a hair appt at 3:00. Plus one friend wants to come and spend the day before girls night. We haven't had just us time in a long time so I have to have all that done before lunch!! Except for my hair appt she is going to go with me for that lol.
Then Sat I really dont have to much to do. We have a birthday part form 12-14 then dhs b-day dinner at 7.
Then Sunday NOTHING!!! So I'll get to rest before have a crazy day Monday then the first day of class is Wed!!
I am super excited about getting into the program. I just keep thinking this time next year I will be graduating and dh can come home!! After I get a job within that year dh can come home and find a job around here because we will be able for him to take a pay cut cause I'll be working! I just hope it all works out like we plan! We all know how that goes.

I forgot to update about IF

Nothing much has really happen.. I'm still waiting on AF to show June was the last one.
Sometimes when I got to the bathroom there is a little blood on the tp but not much. Not enough to wear
anything.. I have had some cramp here and there but for the most part nothing. I'm really hoping I start sooner then later. I don't want to start school and then she show on the first week of school that would suck.

I don't know if I posted this or not I cant remember because its been a while. This month or well next week makes the 3 year mark. This month has been really hard on me. I never ever would have dreamed that I would still be ttc 3 years later. I mean maybe we already had one and ttc for the 2nd one but never 3 years without any kids.

Then last night it really hit me that with me getting into the program its going to be another year or so before we can really ttc again. So it would be 4 years. I know it will be better in the long run.. We could save up way more money cause I would be making a lot more and dh could come home for good and wouldn't have to work out of town.. so its really bitter/sweet!

Anyways thats about it!! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

I got into the LPN (Nurse) Program!! I'm so freaking excited!! My first day of class this September 30 and I'm so ready and nervous and stressed!! I have so much I had to do and so much money I have to come up with to even start..
Here is the list of stuff I have to have on the first day of class..
* Scrubs - The have to be a specific style and color. Both scrub stores here didn't have them so I had to order them online and hope they got here in time, which they did. I got them Thursday.
*White shoes - That we looked everywhere for and couldn't find in my size. I have such a small fat foot lol. I wear a 5 in ladies and in kids I can wear a 3 or 4 but the aren't wide enough. So I had to take a chance and order some online and hope that they fit.. and they DID!!!!
*Physical- I have an appt Friday 25th.
*PPD Test - also known as a TB test.
*Shots - I have to have 4!! Ahhhh I hate shots.
*Eye exam - I had one done about 6 months ago so I was excited that I didn't have to pay for this to be done again so I went to see them because they have to fill out papers and guess what..the dr don't work there anymore so I have to get another done!!
*Watch - Mine don't have a second hand on it..
Now Prices:
Scrubs- tops and bottoms $15.00 each
Shoes: $40.00
Physical: $35.00
PPD test: $20.00
Shots: $14.81 each total: $60.00
shot record: $5.00
Eye exam: $80.00
Watch: $40.00 give or take
School Books: $600.00
Now you see why I'm stressed lol.
But I know in the end it will be well worth it!! This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. I've just been waiting to get into the program. It also makes me feel a little better about the m/c and everything that I have been through. Maybe I went through the m/c because I was suppose to do this first. I don't we'll see. Wish me luck!!

Still waiting...

Hey everyone..Just wanted to give a update. Nothing much has happen really..Its been really boring around here. Dh had today off so I've just been enjoying spending as much time with him as I can. Unfortunately its back to work tomorrow for the both of us..
I'm still waiting on AF.. I haven't had one since June 6(miscarriage) with one day of bleeding on July 4th so 2-3months. I guess the only thing to do is wait..
I should find out within the next couple of weeks if I got into the program. They said by the 26 so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed..Its such a long waiting list and there are so many people on it. I hate that you don't get to know how many people are in front of you. That way you would kinda have a idea on where you stand and how long you have to wait. But that would be to easy right?!
Anyways, that's about it for now...
Talk to you later...

For some reason ttc have been hitting me really hard the last couple of days. I'm starting to fee like its never going to happen and its getting really hard to stay positive all the time. Then I remember that it is Sept and with September comes the unwanted 3 year mark.
That really hit me hard. I would have never thought that after 3 years I would still be ttc without having ONE!
I could see if I was working on my 2nd one but I don't even have one. While everyone else around me are having their second child and so on.
I had major green eye yesterday too. Then I got so mad at myself for being jealous. A friend of mine owns a consignment store and help didn't work out and she didn't really have anyone she could trust so she asked me if I would run it for her till Oct. and I said yes. Well yesterday must have been maternity shopping day and nobody sent me the memo or I def would have stayed home. I swear to you about 5 pg girls came in shopping for maternity clothes and baby clothes. It was everything I could do not to get upset. Stupid right?!
Anyways better go get ready for work!