Man Oh Man I haven't updated this thing in forever! So while I have the time I thought I would. My goal is to update this thing more often but who knows with school starting back.

I'll start off with school. School is going great!!! But it is so hard and a lot of work. We have been out for the last week which has been so nice. We get out about 2 weeks in between the quarters. School starts back the 31st and I don't want to go...lol Its been so nice not having to get up and go and be so stressed out. But on a good note I only have 6months left!!! Which is hard to believe!

As for the ttc we haven't really been ttc. I've replaced that stress with school lol. We aren't preventing but we aren't trying either. I do get a little sad here and there because a part of me feels like I'm wasting time, even though I know I'm not I just feel like its time that I could be spending ttc and maybe even having a baby.. I know there are a ton of ladies out there that are way older then I am (23) ttc. I just feel the clock ticking sometimes and the guilt of not trying when we both want something so bad. I know that in the end it will be good for all of us, plus we will have extra money for ttc but it still don't stop the feelings that I have every so often.

On a side note my parents are back together which is great! I'm so glad they worked everything out and I'm not in the middle of that nor do I have to stress out about that.

I'm also going to start losing the weight. Everyone in our nursing class has said that they have put on weight and I for one know I have! And I am tired of it. Its going to be hard getting use to working out, keeping the house clean, studying and trying to fit in exercising in there sometime. Along with the eating right when I'm never home and just swing though a drive through but I'm determined. One of my best friends is getting married in September and I refuse to look like a giant whale lol. As far as the work outs Im just going to go to the gym and on the days that I can't make it due to clinicals and stuff I'm going to work out on my WII fit. I also have a Jillian Michael's workout for my WII that I can use. I plan on getting the Wii fit active thing that came out a while back. I know a couple of people that have it and swear by it so I thought I would give it a try. If I find out that it works I my let me gym membership expire. I don't know though we'll see. I'll try to keep this thing updated and let yall all know how it goes.


I haven't had a chance to update in a while so I thought I would..

School is going great!! Its a lot of work for sure. We started last Wednesday and have already had 2 test and a quiz so its a lot but I'm loving it! I'm finally getting into the groove of this which is nice. We start our clinicals next Thursday at a local nursing home so I'm super excited about that.

On fertility note nothing really is going on. I'm still waiting for AF which I think is totally crazy.. that B**** should show up already for heaven sakes!! 4 months is long enough.

Anywho that's about it for now..I have to go do some homework!!